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No Fault or contested - find the best divorce lawyer for you. Over the past 50 years there has been a huge shift in American divorce law. Believe it or not, divorce was expensive, difficult to get, and frowned upon before 1950.

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Divorces have become simpler and cheaper with the advent of "No-Fault" divorce. If you've agreed on the terms of divorce with your spouse, you can download divorce papers from the link on the right and avoid lawyer's fees. The majority of people seem to prefer to have their own attorney, to help protect their interests. How can you locate a reliable, trustworthy divorce lawyer?

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Yet another method for locating the lawyer for your divorce is to use one of the free attorney referral networks on the right. Finding a lawyer by utilizing our referral networks costs you nothing. These referral networks will help match you up with the best lawyer for you.
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Always be sure to determine exactly what an attorney will do for you and their fees for their services before you agree to let them represent you. Be careful of flat rate divorce packages or lawyers. This is because they may have to move on to other cases if yours becomes too difficult. We really hope that this article and the links have been helpful to you.

Lastly, on a related note, Members of the fathers' rights movement challenge the adequacy of the courts' responses based on the best interests of the child standard, which they describe as highly subjective and based on the personal prejudices of court-appointed child custody evaluators.

Also, on another related note, Parents Can't Divorce Children.

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