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Here are easy ways to locate an attorney for your divorce. Nowadays, it is much easier to get a divorce, compared to 50 years ago. In the US before 1950, it was hard to get a divorce.

New "No-Fault" laws concerning divorce have made getting a divorce less traumatic and expensive in many cases. You can file your own divorce papers without a lawyer (download them from the link on the right) if your spouse and you have agreed on the terms. Most people want to retain a lawyer of their own, to protect their rights and interests. How should you start in looking for a great divorce lawyer?

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Do you want to base a decision this important on a phone book ad? Another method of locating a good divorce lawyer is through our free attorney referral networks - see the sidebar. The attorney referrals services listed here are free to you. The attorney referral services can match you up with several lawyers for you to talk to.

Once you find a lawyer, be sure to carefully discuss their services and fees. Even if you are short of funds, a flat rate divorce may not be the best buy. They can sometimes neglect your case if it is difficult or drags on. Hopefully, you've found our article and links useful. Good luck!
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Lastly, on a related note, Another common requirement of welfare benefits in some jurisdictions is that the custodial parent must pursue child support from the non-custodial parent.

Also, on another related note, Divorce may have become an entitlement for couples who are don't want to work out their problems or are merely tired of their mate.

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